By yuav

How to nub: Go to  and log in. Now press F11 and a white space will appear above the chatbox. Press it and you will no hide behind the chatbox!

How to catch the mullet (big fish) in ice fishing: catch the last small yellow fish but DO NOT drag it to your basket wait for the big fish to come. Now let the big fish eat the yellow fish and you will now catch the mullet fish. It will give you bonus 100 coins!

How to walk on the light house walls: Hide behind the fish basket or between fish basket and the big box. click the light house door several times and rapidly click above the door. You will now walk on the light house walls!Weird looking CP: Click the =/+ Sign on your keyboard.

How to move other peoples furniture: First you need to be a secret agent. Go to your house and click the edit mode button. Click on your player card and on your spy phone and anywhere in Club Penguin (do not exit out of the edit mode). Now go to someone’s igloo and you can now move things around (others wont see you change the igloo though).

Puffles with out names: Adopt a puffle and then when it says what do you want to call it press the space button on your keyboard. The name may be taken so click a couple more times space untill the name isnt taken. You puffle name is now         !

Astro barrier secret #1: Between levels 30 and 31 wait about 30 seconds and a blue ship will come out. Shoot it and you will go to secret levels!

Astro barrier secret #2: When you play the game click 1 to go to level 10, click 2 to go to level 20, and click 3 to go to level 30.

How to put wall items on ground and vesa versa: Go to your house and go to edit mode. Open your furniture items and look for a ground item on the top row. Rapidly double click on it and press tab and enter. It should now be on your igloo wall.

How to stay on The edge of the town: First go to the mountain and to bunny hill. Now while walking open your map. When it asks you do you want to play this game click yes. When you start sled racing hold tab and click town on your map (remember your map is still open). Go to the edge of it and you will now stay on the edge of it.

How to talk with the newspaper: First go to the mountain and walk to the bunnyhill path. WHILE walking click your map. When it asks you “do you want to play this game” click yes. Wait for some one to join the game. When the game starts click on the dock (or wherever you want to go except the ice berg, the mine or the mountain). Go to the corner of the place so you can see yourself. Open the newspaper. Click tab (the key above the caps lock) untill it has this sign   I  . this meens you can now type. Start typing what ever you want and press enter. You are now talking with the newspaper! Thanks Aguair for this glitch!

The reall way to walk on walls!! here is the vid:

 I will add more soon. 


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